60 tph mobile trommel -Diesel powered

60 tph mobile diesel powered trommel
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 60 tonnes per hour mobile trommel - diesel powered.

This bullet proof unit was recently built for the jungles of PNG along with a mobile pump and has just left the factory. As can be seen in the pictures the axle is on hydraulics and it is built tough -real tough !! The next one is already underway and  this time it is a 100tph unit but the next one after that can be yours.  It can be built to your specs and you nominate the screen size and how aggressive you want the lifters in the scrubber section which determines the speed of the throughput. If you don`t need it to be mobile we won`t add the lifting axle and it can sit on the skids  -your call .



Ballpark price around $90,000 plus freight costs and GST - subject to a quote as everyones requirements are different.

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