Dryblower -Australian made

Dryblower -Australian Made
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Dryblower -Australian made and powder coated

This  Australian made dryblower is beautifully made- better constructed and larger than similar USA made units. The upper sluice has an adjustable opening  where the gravels drop down onto the lower sluice which has electrostatic fabric under the riffles through which the air blows . The whole unit vibrates and this creates the motion to jiggle the gravels down the riffles leaving the heavy gold trapped behind them.  Any leaf blower with a three inch diameter blower tube and a (suggested) ) 3 metre length of suction hose (NOT lay flat) will complete the unit. It has been found best to locate the leafblower 3 metres away from the unit so it`s motor doesn`t suck in dust from the dryblowing operation .  Fully adjustable for height and elevation and folds down flat for transport.

This will handle two men loading it and is on wheels for easy movement arond the site.







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