Clay Puddler

Clay puddler
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The Clay Puddler is a compact unit that can be carried by 1 person. It can be carried in the boot of a family sedan and can be assembled within seconds and no tools are required. The unit will do the work of a medium sized tromell and is very efficient for disintegrating clay (note: sluice,motor, pump, hoses and fittings are not included in price). The unit can be driven using a P160 or similar pump.



The sluice box shown in the photo is a river sluice with the end enclosed and fitted with an attaching bar.

Operating instructions are:



Attach pump hose to inlet



Fit valve assembly to cylinder



Start motor when the cylinder is full of water and discharges from overflow, the clay can be shovelled in the top.



After the required amount of clay is fed into the cylinder, this should be approximately 4 full shovels at a time.



Slowly lift the valve handle allowing the cylinder contents to be discharged into the sluice box. Any gold in the clay will be caught in the riffles.
Allow the contents to rotate till the water discharging from the cylinder appears reasonably clear.


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