Bluedog hand dredge

Bluedog hand dredge
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This device has been expertly manufactured using many of the proprietary design features found in the more advanced FissureMan II and GOLD-N-ROD models. With its four supplied nozzles this prospecting tool will allow a prospector to setup in one or another of multiple nozzle configurations providing the ability to access and allow easy retrieval of gold or gem bearing materials under various prospecting conditions. With a narrow body diameter and distinctive color, the BLUEDOG feels good in the hands and is easy on the eyes and is very easy to use!

                                >        Two bayonet style, twist to open material access ports.
                                >        Large, adjustable piston seal.
                                >        1.75" diameter body for an easy grip.
                                >        Collection chamber incorporating a low loss internal nozzle extension.
                                >        Clear
SEEVIEW low loss heavies trap.
                                >        Chambered design for multiple suction and expulsion strokes.
                                >        Easy use double right angle "T" piston handle.
                                >        Supplied with four custom, detachable nozzles.
                                >        Light weight at 2 lb. 1oz. fully assembled with nozzle.
                                >        Sky Blue color finish.

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Product reviews
Bludog with bucket
I brought one and tried it out at one of my spots. I am verry happy with the pump.
I am now getting moor gold tha ever before. By sucking out the small crevices I am getting the gold I that I have been leaving behind.
Found my first nugget with the Bluedog
hand dredge and Sandman bucket.
Regards Byron

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