Eldorado Stream Sluice Medium

Eldorado Stream Sluice Medium
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Eldorado Stream Sluice Medium 

This is the medium size in our all new range of ABS plastic stream sluices exclusively made for Prospecting Supplies Australia. This is very light and can be carried in a daypack for hiking into those remote locations for testing the gravels . These are very strong and very light with dimensions of 69 cms long x 33 cms wide and 7 cms deep. It has nine riffles. 


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Product reviews
Great for Fine Gold
This is a little gem !

I can't believe how good it is as catching very fine gold.

Once I followed the instructions (of course you never do that to start with!) and got the angle down to about 1cm over the length of the sluice, it was amazing.

From: shane@theboltons.id.au | Created on: 24/01/2017 5:16 PM

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Greate for fine gold
Once I took Geoffs advice and set the sluice at a very moderate angle (about 1cm over the length of the sluice) I started catching very fine gold.

Excellent sluice.  Easy to carry up the creek, easy to set up and it gets the results.

Very happy.  Recommended

From: shane@theboltons.id.au | Created on: 14/01/2017 4:56 PM

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